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serving, protecting and empowering families since 1975serving, protecting and empowering families since 1975

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Family day care is a great career choice for parents

Samfya Smith - Wednesday, May 03, 2017
Family day careMany first time mums and dads of babies find themselves in a dilemma about their return to the workforce. While the need to earn an income may be non-negotiable it is often hard to think about leaving your baby. When this happens the thought of working from home often comes to mind.  

It can be difficult to be a good parent and simultaneously work well at home because most jobs require blocks of uninterrupted time to accomplish tasks, and children's schedules are less than predictable.  

Perhaps the perfect marriage of earning an income while working from home and being available to your own children can come through a career as a home-based educator. All you need is some self-motivation, discipline, job skills and independence supported by a licensed Family Day Care Service. 

Many parents enter the child care profession as a way to remain with their own children while earning an income by providing quality care for others' children as well. and, many child care educators find the career so rewarding and enriching that they opt to remain in the profession even after their children enter school, graduate and beyond.

So what can you expect from a career in child care?

An educator assists in the social, emotional, physical and educational developmental needs of infants and young children. An educator will also be expected to manage children's behaviour and guide their social development appropriately, and provide assistance in preparing materials and equipment for educational and recreational activities. Furthermore, a home-based educator will also entertain and educate children by reading and singing to them, as well as playing games.

We all know nothing in more precious than our children and that working with these cherished beings is a truly rewarding experience.  A qualification in child care is suitable for people who have a special affinity with kids and it appeals to those who really enjoy making a positive and momentous impact upon children’s lives. 

Making the decision to become a home-based educator (Family Day Care Business Owner) can really benefit your own child/ren while you earn an income.  One of the most important areas of children’s development is learning how to build relationships and get along with others. Because child care is provided for groups of children, it is an ideal setting for helping your child to develop positive social skills and friendships with others. So there’s no need to carry that ‘mother’s guilt’.

At Kath Dickson Family Day Care we offer a community based quality child care service providing professional and supervised care for children in the private homes of registered Home Based Educators. 

Benefits of becoming a Kath Dickson Family Day Care Educator include:

Working with children
Earning an income from home
Flexible working hours
Being part of a team of local early childhood professionals
Receive support and supervision from qualified Family Day Care Coordinators
Access to regular training and resources
Stay at home with your own children
Access to government subsidies for families and possible tax benefits

For more information on how to start an exciting new career, which can compliment your love for being at home with your own child, give Kath Dickson Family Day Care a call on 1300 336 345, email info@kdfc.com.au or visit www.kdfc.com.au.