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Serving, protecting and empowering families since 1975

serving, protecting and empowering families since 1975serving, protecting and empowering families since 1975

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Help your child prepare for school

- Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Kate MasonParents can learn how to best prepare their children for school, during a free information afternoon at the Kath Dickson Education and Care Centre next Tuesday. 

Newly appointed Director of the Centre, Kate Mason, said the event will focus on how the Kath Dickson Education & Care Centre Kindergarten program is a high-quality early learning program delivered the year before a child starts school.

“We will focus on the importance on just how much this year is a crucial year where children are equipped with the vital skills needed for school and life success”, Kate said. 

“The Kindergarten program helps children develop foundation literacy and numeracy skills and supports their social and emotional wellbeing  – preparing them for a successful transition to school. 

“We will continue partner with local schools to help tailor our delivery of service to support each individual child to transition smoothly.”

A passionate childhood educator, Kate has 13 years’ experience in the childcare sector.

“When I left school I travelled overseas for a while and when I returned I was looking for work that inspires me,” Kate explained.

“I realised that is children – I have a real passion for promoting lifelong learning and an interest in childhood development.”

As a mother of three children, Kate is also passionate about play-based learning.

“The importance of play is so fundamental to support children later in life – supporting children through spontaneous, structured and play-based programs, while recognising children’s individual learning styles,” Kate said.

With one of the largest playgrounds in the local area, the Kate Dickson Education and Care Centre offers a sensory, physical and play-based approach to early learning.

“We often say the parents are the first teacher, the educators the second and the natural environment is the third,” Kate said.

“Children should be given the opportunity to learn through investigation, discovery, exploration and following their own natural enquiry. And we see our role in supporting their second educators – helping parents to help their child grow and develop.”
WHAT: Kindergarten Information Night 
WHERE: Kath Dickson Education and Care Centre (Crn Bridge and Gladstone Streets) 
WHEN: Thursday 21 February 2017, 4-5pm