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Serving, protecting and empowering families since 1975

serving, protecting and empowering families since 1975serving, protecting and empowering families since 1975

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Dream altogether with Kim Walmsley

Samfya Smith - Thursday, June 15, 2017

Our Director of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs and author of the Bareibunn Karulbo strategy, Kim Walmsley, shares her story...

The totem of Kim Walmsley"When I was offered the role of Director of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs for Kath Dickson Family Centre, I was humbled. 

"I knew the opportunity to contribute and participate in something so significant as developing and implementing a strategy such as Bareibunn Karulbo was a great opportunity. 

"I am a mother and grandmother and truly appreciate the value of education. This drives me to plant seeds for future generations in re-discovering a new purpose with soul. 

"As a woman of culture, my strengths and experiences enable me to acknowledge, appreciate and understand 'Closing the Gap’ alongside many other government documents and research that shares with us the negative statistics and behavioural issues that plague our cultures. 

"No matter what the industry, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people work in, we have the undeniable quality of being Aboriginal, and cultural protocol is our born qualification.  

"I know and understand the suffering and burden of my peoples past, present and future and the strong desire and need to contribute to the change in current standards. The oldest continuing culture in the world is learning to adjust to embracing the future as a diverse network of peoples slowly gaining and rebuilding identities. 

"As a descendant of the Mununjali people of Beaudesert and Wiradjuri people of NSW, I am responsible not just for my Directorship of a new outlook for Kath Dickson Family Centre. I am responsible for being appropriate and inclusive of all. To be culturally respectful to our elders, clans, peers and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians is important to me as a human. 

"I am indeed proud to be able to contribute to the change as each priority element plays a significant part in the development of accessing and providing opportunities that are relevant, realistic and practical for the local people, in utilising the National Quality Framework and the Early Years Learning Framework to create active lifelong learners. 

"Understanding that a majority of urban Indigenous Communities are not of the Traditional owners, it can be an interwoven cloak made of kangaroo and snake skins, emu feathers and echidna quills, turtle shells and eagle feathers. These are totems representing only a few tribes that are unique and diverse within our own culture. We are ‘One Culture, Many Nations’. 

"A new generation is coming through and we have to be ready to teach, listen and learn in order to grow and pass the strong message of valuing education to inspire new generations.

"Throughout the other regions, Bareibunn Karulbo will be utilised as a foundational document that can inspire each community to develop their own dreams. So we can all dream together with the commonality in promoting, strong relationships, high education aspirations and determination."

Kim Walmsley

Descendant of the Mununjali people of Beaudesert and the Wiradjuri People of NSW
Director of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs, Kath Dickson Family Centre

The waratah (pictured) is a totem of Kim's.