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serving, protecting and empowering families since 1975serving, protecting and empowering families since 1975

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Family car trip: are you game?

- Monday, April 10, 2017
Family car tripAre you looking forward to the holidays, but dreading that famous four-word phrase “Are we there yet?”…. Travelling with children is enough to raise the blood pressure of even the calmest parents.

There are loads of ‘Apps’ you can download onto your phone or iPad that can keep the littlies entertained, but if you don’t want them attached to screens the whole time here are a few popular, fun travel games. Remember you can be creative and ‘bend’ the rules to suit the age and interests of the children. 

1. I Spy. I’m sure you all remember this one from your youth. Adapt for younger children by using colours instead of letters. For example, “I spy something green”. 

2. Bingo. This fun game combines bingo with a scavenger hunt. Give each child a flat surface, such as a clipboard or hardcover book, to put on his or her lap. Each player gets bingo card and a zip-lock bag with 16 buttons. When a player spies an item on his card, he covers the picture with a button. Just like in regular bingo, the first player to cover all the squares in a straight line wins. You can download picture bingo cards from many websites. 

3. License Plate Game. Make phrases with the car registration numbers e.g. WWW 265 could be Weird Wooly Wombats.

4. Noughts and Crosses. Another childhood favourite that can keep the children going for ages and only pencil and paper required. 

5. I’m Going on a Picnic. This alphabet-based memory game is great for kids 5 and up. You don’t need a game board or any materials. The game can be played with as few as two players, but it’s more fun when the whole family joins in. The first player says “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing...” followed by something that begins with A, such as apples. The second player repeats what the first person said, but adds something that begins with B. So she might say “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing apples and bananas.” And so on with C, D, and the rest of the alphabet. If someone forgets an item, she is out. To be fair, feel free to be lenient and give hints to younger players. The last player to be able to recite all the items on the list wins.

6. 20 Questions. This easy-peasy game is great for younger kids, thanks to its straightforward rules. Player One thinks of a person, place or thing. Everyone else takes turns asking questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no. After each answer, the questioner gets one guess. Play continues until a player guesses correctly.

7. A good old sing along.  Nothing beats the joyful sound of children embracing an opportunity to exercise their vocal cords. 

8. The Windmill Game. Ask the children to spot and count the windmills you pass. The child who counts the most windmills by the time you reach your destination wins! Obviously you can adapt this game for a country or city drive. 

We wish everyone a safe and happy Easter. 

Please travel safe on our roads and enjoy your holiday!