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Kath Dickson Family Centre

Serving, protecting and empowering families since 1975

serving, protecting and empowering families since 1975serving, protecting and empowering families since 1975

Bareibunn Karulbo Strategy

Kath Dickson Family Centre to focus on Closing the Gap.

Translating to mean ‘Dream Altogether’, the Strategy articulates an organisational-wide approach for working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to Close the Gap.

Bareibunn KarulboAn initiative of the Kath Dickson Family Centre Board, the Bareibunn Karulbo Strategy fulfils the organisation’s original charter to serve and protect children and families within our community who are disadvantaged or at risk and will be our main focus as an organisation for the next five years.

The Strategy represents 18 months’ consultation work, with a focus to improve Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander outcomes across four main areas: early childhood education, community engagement, cultural understanding, and training and employment.  

A key part of the strategy is to work collaboratively with existing service providers in the Toowoomba region. Training for parents, free transport to kindergarten, counselling, and a friendship club to create bridges of understanding are initiatives explored in the Strategy.

We are excited to see what our collective efforts can achieve in the next five years and beyond.

Download a copy of the Bareibunn Karulbo strategy.

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