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Kath Dickson Family Centre

Serving, protecting and empowering families since 1975

serving, protecting and empowering families since 1975serving, protecting and empowering families since 1975

Looking for a rewarding career?

Become a family day care educator in your own home!

As a family day care educator, you'll provide quality child care from your home, with the flexibility to choose your hours and set your own income, while raising your own family...and we'll be with you all the way.

When you join Kath Dickson Family Day Care, Queensland's longest running family day care scheme, you'll get all the support you need to set up and run your own business from home. We can even help you gain the qualifications you need to get started.

Download our Fact Sheet: Become a Family Day Care Educator to find out more.

Let us help you achieve your dream of a rewarding career.

Give our Family Day Care Coordination team a call on 1300 336 345 or email info@kdfc.com.au